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Pta. Montreal, nr. 10, World Trade Center, intrarea F, et. 1, Bucuresti, Romania






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Software Revenue (2013):

100,000 EUR

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100,000 EUR

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3 / 8

Company Profile

If you are planning to start selling internationally, translation and localization of your product into the language of the given market is a must.

We are established in 21 and since then we have been providing fast and accurate translations, meeting the customers’ measured quality requirements. We help you reach new markets with a fully localized product that can be tailored to meet the requirements of local customers.



Services Offered

Our integrated translation services include software and multimedia localization, DTP or Post-editing. Usually we deal with user interface, user assistance, help and documentation of desktop or mobile applications, operating systems, or enterprise applications, online content, mobile apps, graphic, audio and video content, and marketing communication.

We also provide Terminology management, Linguistic testing and Quality assurance services, Internationalization testing, for a wide range of software environments, and for different language and regional settings and Software engineering, from bug fixing interface aspect to rebuilding an application in the target language.

We use the best localization and productivity tools available and we rely on a strong hardware infrastructure. We have the qualified linguistic resources to ensure a quick and cost-effective localization solution. In addition, our engineers, programmers and project managers are the key to a successful localization process.
With us, you decrease the globalization costs, by translating, adapting and testing for up to 8 languages by single-sourcing.

Client References

We served 5 out of top ten hardware producers worldwide
We served 5 out of top ten software producers worldwide
We served 1 out of top twenty pharma/medical device companies worldwide


EN 1538 European quality standard for translation services.

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