Romanian Software Index 2017

We launched the Romanian Software Index 4 years ago to raise awareness, promote Romanian Software and IT Services companies and, at the same time, ease their efforts to penetrate international markets. 4 years in, we aim to position the index as a channel that brings together as many Romanian software companies as possible, a platform which all potential customers can access.

The objective of this project is to increase the commercial opportunities of technology companies, but also the international visibility of Romania.

The project is part of the ANIS strategy to promote the export of IT products and services.





Romanian Software Index 2016

We have launched Romanian Software Index 3 years ago, back in 2013, as a channel to create awareness and promote Romanian software companies and ease their individual efforts in reaching more international markets.

3 years in, we are proud that RSI serves as a main point of contact for business inquiries for products and services providers in Romania. Our companies have been referenced by clients following their presence on RSI channels and our partners are recommending our platform to third-party entities both as a resource for identifying partners and/ or services providers among Romanian companies and as good practice for promoting companies and the Romanian industry as a whole.




Romanian Software Index 2014

The second edition of Romanian Software Index was started with a new approach, to reflect our constant concern over the last years regarding the development of the industry: promoting Romanian software products.

Along with supporting the software services segment that has laid the foundation for the current development of the industry, ANIS is a firm believer and promoter of the opportunities offered by innovative projects and products.

Setting up a dedicated section for Products in the Index is only part of the mix of activities and projects that ANIS is putting together for the more constant development of an industry business model based on innovation and IP creation.




Romanian Software Outsourcing Index 2013

The first catalogue published by the association includes software developing companies or companies that provide associated services on demand. This catalogue is ANIS’s answer to the need of the companies for common advance, at the industry level, but also for individual furtherance on the international market.

The developing and on demand software services segment has sustained a constant growth of the industry’s business turnover, even in the crisis period, because it has responded to the need of the international clients for increase in efficiency and productivity while controlling the costs.

This catalogue affirms the preoccupation of ANIS to promote Romania as a destination for big added value projects, an additional way of attracting potential clients, partners, but also investors.

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